Cinnie Smiths, our signature product.
These delicious, moist miniature cinnamon rolls melt in your mouth as you taste the luscious mounds of cinnamon and carmel; and, oh yea, we can't forget the cream cheese frosting. And just when you think it can't get any better, we offer a side dish of ice cream.

As for beverages, we offer milk, gourmet coffee and flavored coffee, cappuccino, iced cappuccino, flavored hot tea, hot cider, hot chocolate and bottled water.

Star Tribune food critic Rick Nelson ate his way through the food booths at the Minnesota State Fair. Cinnie Smiths gourmet mini cinnamon rolls claimed a FOUR-STAR rating from the food critic; Rick even went so far as to say Cinnie Smiths extraordinary flavor was preferable to "Cinnabons'® cloying sweetness".

"Cinnie Smiths are a cheery snack that work not only at breakfast but all day long."

Truly a superior product made completely from scratch (from our own family recipe) and on site where you can watch them made fresh before your eyes.

Made before your eyes...
Smokey's CharbroilerCinnie Smiths at the Minnesota State Fair
Smokey's CharbroilerCinnie Smiths at the Minnesota State Fair

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Cinnie Smiths and Smokey's Charbroiler are part of the Good Food Concessions enterprise. Inquiries are welcomed at the address below:

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