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 From the Ground Up – A Home Improvement Guide

From the Ground Up, the Voyageur Press's guide to everything home improvement related, is published annually each spring, just in time to help readers plan for upcoming building and remodeling projects. This unique publication includes advice from local home improvement professionals, in-depth feature stories about area businesses, and a complete directory of contact information for home improvement professionals.



From the Ground Up
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Olesiak Masonry

Looking for masonry or concrete work? Olesiak Masonry can help provide you with a large variety of options.

Over the past decade, Olesiak Masonry has done a number of projects and by far our most popular has been the ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms). We have done numerous basements and the benefits are so much greater than the extra costs of regular poured concrete or block walls.

The biggest benefit is energy efficiency with 5.5” of foam insulation. It also allows you to apply sheet rock or other kinds of material to your walls without having to install nailing strips.

We also offer concrete slabs for houses, garages, patios, aprons and sidewalks, as well as culture stone work for fireplace’s interior and exterior walls. The greatest thing I have noticed since I started contracting is…

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Give your heater a boost…Air source heat pumps 101

Mille Lacs Elelectric

With the rising cost of just about everything, we are all looking for a comfortable and economical way to heat and cool our homes. An air source heat pump just might be the answer. Regardless of whether you currently have an oil, gas, propane or electric furnace, an add-on heat pump will save you money each month.

An air source heat pump is designed to provide supplemental heat for your furnace during the cold winter season and to efficiently cool your house in the summer.

How it works:

In the winter, a special refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside air which is then pumped indoors by a high tech compressor. Air in the home passes through a heat exchanger and is heated by the refrigerant. It is then circulated throughout your home at the temperature you desire.

In the summer, the process is reversed to turn the air source heat pump into a high-efficiency air-conditioner that cools your home. If you are thinking of adding central air conditioning to your home, consider adding a heat pump instead.

An air source heat pump can be installed to work in conjunction with your forced air furnace, using the existing ductwork. At temperatures down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s more than twice as efficient as the highest-efficiency …

For the rest of this story pick up this year's Voyageur Press home improvement guide From the Ground Up.

Home Improvement Guide