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sunsetObituaries published in the Voyageur Press are available online in PDF format. Your computer needs Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files; if you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download is available at

adobe Harriet Rae Russell- March 24, 2015 paper

adobe Dorothy "Doffy" Louise Anderson- March 24, 2015 paper

adobe Barbara Ann Hart- March 24, 2015 paper

adobe Lonny Grover- March 17, 2015 paper

adobe Debra Fredrickson - Full Obit- March 17, 2015 paper

adobe Debra Fredrickson- March 10, 2015 paper

adobe Mark J. Laine- March 10, 2015 paper

adobe Fay Annette Dahlman- March 10, 2015 paper

adobe Rae Ann Halverson- March 10, 2015 paper

adobe Nellie (Bok) Hofman- March 3, 2015 paper

adobe Marjorie Louise Levinski- March 3, 2015 paper

adobe Joann S. Mancuso- March 3, 2015 paper

adobe Kristian Karl Kalli- February 24, 2015 paper

adobe Jeanne Kathryn Rahja Riley- February 24, 2015 paper

adobe Donald L. Soltau- February 24, 2015 paper

adobe Evelyn Louise Markkanen- February 17, 2015 paper

adobe Florence Schelonka- February 17, 2015 paper

adobe Jacquelyn Dorothy Gustafson- February 17, 2015 paper

adobe Gail Elisabeth Bradford- February 17, 2015 paper

adobe No Obits this week- February 10, 2015 paper

adobe Sidney E. Saari- February 3, 2015 paper

adobe Matt Einar Lahti- February 3, 2015 paper

adobe Winston Richard Lahti- February 3, 2015 paper

adobe  Irene Mae Johnson- January 27, 2015 paper

adobe  Mae Niemi Abramowski- January 27, 2015 paper

adobe  Clifford Livedalen- January 20, 2015 paper

adobe  Irene Viena (Maki) Atwood- January 20, 2015 paper

adobe  William A. Ukura- January 20, 2015 paper

adobe  Noelle Marie Kahara- January 13, 2015 paper

adobe  David Charles Fox- January 13, 2015 paper

adobe  Carl Gunnard Oberg Jr.- January 13, 2015 paper

adobe  Doralie Ann Haapoja- January 13, 2015 paper

adobe  Dorothy Mae Peterson- January 13, 2015 paper

adobe  Clarice Vivian Olson- January 6, 2015 paper

adobe Warren E. Nelson- January 6, 2015 paper

adobe Don Perrine- January 6, 2015 paper

adobe Doralie A. Haapoja- January 6, 2015 paper

adobe No Obits this week- December 30th paper

adobe  Jeanette Florence Rengo- December 23rd paper

adobe  Reba Dell Kaesemacher- December 23rd paper

adobe  Gary Charles Karkiainen- December 23rd paper

adobe  Joshua Jay Oakgrove- December 16th paper

adobe  Vanessa Kaye Sprague- December 16th paper

adobe  Betty J. Charboneau - December 9th paper

adobe  Gary G. Anderson- December 9th paper

adobe  Lyla M. (Fulton) Bushnell- December 9th paper

adobe  Raymond William Tiili- December 9th paper

adobe  Chris Marie Burger Karlsson- December 2nd paper

adobe  Marilyn E. Trumble Neitzel- December 2nd paper

adobe  Denise Larayne Magliano- December 2nd paper

adobe  Daryle E. Piispanen- December 2nd paper

adobe  LaRon Lee Johnson- November 25th paper

adobe  Lois E. Hagman- November 25th paper

adobe  Trevor Claude Brown III - November 18th paper

adobe  Jean Durkee - November 18th paper

adobe  Gregory Richard Turnock - November 18th paper

adobe  Elaine E. Fisher - November 11th paper

adobe  Ardell Peterson - November 11th paper

adobe  Dorothy Lorena "Loke" Key - November 4th paper

adobe  LeRoy H. Kruse- November 4th paper

adobe  Beryl Roberta Barett Fadden- November 4th paper

adobe  Donna Marie Johnson- October 28st paper

adobe  Lareta A. Lockling- October 28st paper

adobe  Thomas Joseph Newton- October 21st paper

adobe Pearl I. Zirbel- October 21st paper

adobe James "Bob" Robert Pearson- October 21st paper

adobe Peter Joseph Vande Nest- October 14th paper

adobe Norma A. Phinney- October 14th paper

adobe William "Bill" Ethen- October 14th paper

adobe William "Bill" John Hamilton- October 7th paper

adobe Gary Lee Keil- October 7th paper

adobe Pauline Rose Kubis- September 30th paper

adobe Mariam E. Jarvi- September 30th paper

adobe Gordon F. Manchester- September 23rd paper

adobe Elizabeth Hanson- September 23rd paper

adobe Mary Susan "Susie" Danielson- September 23rd paper

adobe Ellen (Markkanen) McCorison- September 16th paper

adobe John Charles Manee- September 16th paper

adobe Wallace John Coffin- September 16th paper

adobe Mary E. Winkle- September 16th paper

adobe August Donald Schoenfeldt- September 9th paper

adobe  Larry L. Shemon- September 9th paper

adobe  Mary E. Green- September 2nd paper

adobe  Sally Jo Rabbers- September 2nd paper

adobe  Henry "Hank" Johnson- August 26th paper

adobe  Viola Weimer- August 19th paper

adobe  Victor Trujillo- August 19th paper

adobe  Augus Donald Schoenfeldt- August 12th paper

adobe  Edward J. Nelson- August 5th paper

adobe  "Pat" Donna Jean Hart- August 5th paper

adobe  Anna Miriam Wenstrom- August 5th paper

adobe  Dorothy Jo Johnson- July 29th paper

adobe  John "Jack" William Sedlander- July 29th paper

adobe  Edwin Allan Kanniainen- July 22nd paper

adobe  Lorrine Mindrum- July 15th paper

adobe  Robert "Butch" Levinski- July 8th paper

adobe  Gene Paul Turja- July 8th paper

adobe  Joanne Anderson Simpson- July 8th paper

adobe  George Harvey Thompson- July 1st paper

adobe  Joyce Strand- July 1st paper

adobe  Albert Halgrimson- July 1st paper

adobe  Russell S. Norlund- June 24th paper

adobe  Hugh D. Line Sr.- June 24th paper

adobe  Rauha S. Helin - June 17th paper

adobe  Arlene F. Beckman - June 17th paper

adobe  Joseph J. Maznio, Jr. - June 17th paper

adobe  Brian Herbranson - June 10th paper

adobe  Dennis J. Miller - June 10th paper

adobe  Lorraine O. Williams - June 10th paper

adobe Anita I. Conklin - June 10th paper

adobe Dorothy J. Johnson

adobe Ronald E. Marcucci

adobe Glenna J. Lowe

adobe Oscar J. Blom

adobe Barbara L. Chernugal

adobe Gloria Geving

adobe Robert W. Beck

adobe Ronald A. Mathieu

adobe Roger Wallace Hartzberg

adobe David L. Johnson

adobe Bertha Wain

adobe Caroline Fay Taylor Melin-with pic.

adobe Virginia "Sam" Louise Heggedahl

adobe Caroline Fay Taylor Melin

adobe John M Daine Jr. -Full Obit.

adobe Carol J. Erlandson

adobe John Daine

adobe Lawrence " Larry" Turner-Full obit

adobe Robert A. Maki

adobe Everett G. Hove- Full obit

adobe Norma J. Walli

adobe Everett G. Hove

adobe Lawrence "Lerry" Turner

adobe Patsy L. Manisto

adobe Dorene L. Tegantvoort

adobe Theodore "Ted" Nastoff

adobe Jon E. Pouti

adobe Diane H. Hanson

adobe Martha M. Liljenquist

adobe Beatrice "Toots" Bridge

adobe Clifford A. Ekelund

adobe Ailie I. Jensen

adobe Matthew M Bensan

adobe John C. Cox

adobe Letha Opal Jung - Reprint

adobe Leroy W. Holmberg

adobe Berniece M. Parteka

adobe Charles D. Langley

adobe Letha Opal Jung

adobe Leila F. Jacobs

adobe Grace R. Tillman

adobe No Obits this week

adobe Tauno S. Heikkila

adobe David H. Burger

adobe Phyllis J. Koskela

adobe Angus K. Hawkinson

adobe Norman Edward William Hill

adobe Marjorie A Beer

adobe Kathlean Edith (Beckman) Mowers

adobe Barbara J. Seavey

adobe Violet E. Mike

adobe Regina D. Johnson

adobe George W. Holm

adobe David Carl Tjosvold

adobe Regina D (Reggie) Johnson

adobe Billy R. Evans

adobe Gertrude " Trudy" Wyman

adobe Clyde Arthur Ammala

adobe Joseph P. Moylan

adobe Katheen A. Wold

adobe Lydia H. Hogan

adobe Betty B Rauvola

adobe Gerald L Emery & Richard "Dickie" Louis Huhta

adobe No Obituaries this week

adobe No Obituaries this week

adobe Helen C Wagner, & David O. Eide

adobe Helen C Wagner, Phyllis Parviainen, & Clovella LaVonne

adobe Marvelle E. Johnson & John Raymond Hurd

adobe Carol C. Soltau & Jane L. Deterling

adobe Charles Waldemar "Carl" Walli & Phillip R. Yovicson

adobe Arvaid N. Pearson & Laura C. Lehman

adobe Merlin G. Mapes

adobe Christina E. Mackrell & Arthur F. Guimond

adobe Melbin C. Hamman, Donald A. Lind & Sandra K. Woodford/Patrick

adobe William E. Heikkila & Paul Ivan Grostad

adobe Jane A. Pearson

adobe No Obituaries this week

adobe Melvin L. Johnson, Bennett T. Burke, Brenton J. Sherman

adobe Melvin L. Johnson

adobe Richard F. Keely & Raymond W. Lindberg

adobe Bernice D. Rinta age 74 - d July 28, 2013

adobe Margie J. Marsyla age 69 - d August 3, 2013

adobe Helen Dorholt. age 103 -d July 14, 2013

adobe Diane K. Westmoreland. age 62 - d July 25,2013

adobe Francis Henry Johnson, age 88-d. July 31,2013

adobe William J. Wuorio, age 74 - d. July 23, 2013

adobe Karen "Tieka" Alina Niemi, age 58 - d. July 18, 2013

adobe Doris L. Osterman, age 101 - d. July 20, 2013

adobe Frank R. Jarpey, age 80 - d. July 11, 2013

adobe Eino Latvala, age 88 - d. July 8, 2013

adobe Nancy L. Burch, age 53 - d. July 5, 2013

adobe Omok Fahrendorff, age 65 - d. July 6, 2013

adobe George E. Vanderheyden, age 63

adobe Charles M. Gustavson, age 65

adobe Joanne L. Lagergren Weber - d. June 28, 2013

adobe Edward W Hamren, age 88 - d. December 10, 2008

adobe Glenn A. Johnson, age 54 - d. June 24, 2013

adobe Roberta E. Koepke, age 64 - d. June 14, 2013

adobe Helen Fredrickson, - d. May 31, 2013

adobe Harvey R. Ukura, - d. January 14, 2013

adobe Anna Dagen, - d. June 02, 2013

adobe Rebecca L. Bright, age 42- d. May 31, 2013

adobe Betty A. Fossen, age 73- d. May 29, 2013

The publishing deadline for obituaries is 2:00 p.m. Thursday. Obituaries received by the deadline will be printed in the following week's paper, which reaches newsstands on Tuesday of the following week and most local mailboxes by Wednesday.

Send obituaries along with billing information by FAX to (218) 768-7046 or by email to Contact our office at (218) 768-3405 or 888-339-1199 for more information.

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