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Skeeter Tales...

Local cartoon with local appeal
Minnesotans love to hate mosquitos. Joel Seibel, a local cartoonist, provides a humorous look into the lives of mosquitos in Skeeter Tales, a cartoon strip that appears weekly in the Voyageur Press's Generally Speaking section. Joel's talent and sense of humor are evident in the antics of Skeeter Tales's two pesky mosquitos. Each week's cartoon brings a new adventure for his characters.

Skeeter Tales - First Edition front cover

Skeeter Tales - the book
"Now you don't have to wait for summer to enjoy ticks and mosquitos!" Joel Seibel's first book of Skeeter Tales brings these pesky critters to your home for laughs all year long. Skeeter Tales - First Edition is a collection of 52 cartoons from the Voyageur Press of McGregor. The book is available at the locations below for $6 and on Joel's Web site:

McGregor: Country Meadows Inn, Fireside, Ukura's Big Dollar, Minnestalgia, Phillips 66, Snyder's Rx Express, McGregor Self Serve/BP, Mark's Bar, the Voyageur Press, McGregor Backstreet Antiques & Craft Mall

Tamarack: Lucky's Landing, Sam's Grocery

Wright: BJ's Highway Express, Farmers Co-op Store

Cromwell: Cromwell Self Serve

Bring Skeeter Tales to your neck of the woods
The old adage says, if you find a good thing pass it on. Here at the Voyageur Press we think Skeeter Tales is a good thing and we'd like to share it with you. If you'd like to include Skeeter Tales in your newspaper or publication, or have a copy for framing, give us a call here at (218) 768-3405 or (888) 339-1199.

More about Joel...

Local artist with international fame
For over 40 years, Joel Seibel's cartoons have entertained audiences around the world. From Walt Disney Studios to Hanna-Barbera Studios and Warner Bros. Animation, Joel's pen has graced the paper of storyboards at some of our country's best-known animation studios. The many cartoons of his work include Winnie the Pooh, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, the Smurfs, Sylvester and Tweetie Pie. Joel's work earned him a Prime Time Emmy Award in 1996 for storyboarding the Pinky & the Brain Christmas special for Warner Bros. Joel continues to draw for Burger King, Taco Bell, Children's Magic Window magazine and Mellow-Smello, among others.

Joel and his wife, Ellen, live near McGregor. Even though Joel's career has been very full and blessed, he says, "I am having more fun with mosquitos... the ones I draw, not the ones outside."

Skeeter Tales
"What does Daddy mean when he says inflation is growing faster than your mother's hips?!"
Skeeter Tales
"It is possible to survive a bug zapper."