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Voyageur's Best Features of 2001

Twistols' Golden T Kennels

Twistols' Golden T Kennels
Family provides kennel services to the McGregor area
by Cynthia Brekke  |  May 1, 2001

Five miles west of McGregor, just off highway 210, is a business which is, pardon the pun, dog gone good. At least, that's what the Twistols think.

Kathy Twistol and son, Eric, are the chief operators of Golden T Kennels.

"It started, officially, last spring," said Kathy. They had been doing some boarding of animals before, but finally went 'big time' after a fire burned the first structure to the ground.

"It was a year ago, Christmas day," Kathy commented. "There was nothing we could do but get all the animals out, close it down and let it go." The McGregor Fire Department was dispatched to the scene. "Had the Fire Department been ten minutes later, they wouldn't have been able to save our house."

The fire didn't discourage them at all. It was at that point that the Twistols decided, rather than build another garage, they would build out-right kennels. It was a choice they'd never regret.

Kathy has trained her own dogs for some time. Her love of the animals made the business of kenneling an easy decision. Today, Golden T Kennels boards dogs and cats. Open seven days a week, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., they take in animals for the day, overnights or longer.

"Sometimes people want to go for the day and this way they don't need to worry about getting back in time to let their pet out, or worry about rugs being soiled," says Twistol, also adding: "They're fun. We see wonderful pets, from pure breds to 'All American Mutts'. They're well taken care of and obedient."

Twistols' pride and joy is an Irish Setter by the name of "Hunter". Hunter is a nationally recognized dog, having recently won the National Field of Champions "Best of Show", which means he's an all-around champion. Hunter is only 5½ years old, but is a natural in pointing. He is an AKC (American Kennel Club) and has papers. He also won awards in Kansas last weekend, and has done a photo shoot for the AKC as a representative of the Irish Setter breed.

"You can only hope for those ribbons and dream..." Kathy states. "He's a once-in-a-lifetime dog."

At home, Hunter is like any other dog, and is referred to by the family as 'Goober boy'. But this 'Goober' couldn't be more loved.

Twistols also have a young female Irish Setter which is showing promise. She won 'Best in Specialty' at the recent championships. She was only one point away from a championship award.

As far as the business goes, "It's been good," says Kathy. The animals they've seen are clean and have had their shots. That's a requirement so that disease can't be spread or contracted at the kennels. Kathy recommends that people make sure their pet gets the "Kennel Cough Shot". Kennel cough is like a cold and can be contracted by other animals, especially her championsip Irish Setters.

Twistols also board cats, but they are kept separate from the dogs. "They don't seem to mind the dogs."

The pet industry is about $10 million dollars a year. People buy just about everything. There are pet groomers, bathers, and the trinkets, besides the visits to the local vet and all the new medications, vaccines and procedures that are done to prolong the average dog's life.

When people ask Kathy about what shots their pets need to be kenneled, she states simply, "Tell the vet you're boarding and they'll know."

At the Twistols' Golden T Kennels, it's an honor to be in the dog house.