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Voyageur's Best Generally Speaking Columns of 2002

Pie was GHOUD

Pie was GHOUD
A meal at the Buckhorn Bar
by Cynthia Brekke  | November 5, 2002

No breakfast, and our stomachs were growling like monsters last Thurs. on Halloween. Where to have lunch? Our appetites took us downtown, to the Buckhorn Bar.

Buckhorn has their $5.95, all-you-can-eat chicken dinner special on Thurs. Two of us immediately chose the special. Kerry Nelson chose a burger, with a bowl of the soup dejour: potato-leek soup on the side. (For those not familiar with leeks, they are a vegetable related to the onion, actually belonging to the Amaryllis family. The leek plant has many flat leaves that join together at their base to form a thick stem, which is the edible part of the plant. It has a mild, onion-like flavor, and can be eaten raw or cooked, and is used as a seasoning for other foods.)

Buckhorn was adorned in Halloween array, complete with spider webs, crookedly-hung pictures and pumpkins which were decoratively carved by bar owner, Jackie Dilley. The stage was set for the costume contest and karaoke that Jackie has annually on Halloween. They had a big bowl of candy on the end of the bar, but we weren’t all dressed for trick-or-treating... (spare me the jokes).

The special came with three pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, toast and cole slaw. Definitely enough to fill an empty tank. However, Nikki, our waitress, still came and asked if we wanted more! We’d had more than enough to satisfy the monsters in our stomachs.

The soup consisted of pieces of leek, potato and ham in a flavorful, creamy base. Kerry and the ghost photographer (you know, the guy who doesn’t like to be mentioned), were both very pleased with this selection. A good bowl of soup always goes well on a chilly day and Jackie makes a great soup at Buckhorn.

It wasn’t until we had all finished our scrumptous meals that we realized we had no picture for this feature. We could have taken a picture of our bare plates, a testimony to the good food and our voracious appetites. After all, it was Halloween - we could get away with it... but we decided something else was in order - DESSERT! It was meant to be, as it was the last piece of the first-time-offered Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie. Jackie made it and Kerry and I decided it was delicious. She definitely better make it again!

With hunting season coming, Buckhorn is another of the great spots in the area to stop for a good, hot meal. Make sure to drop by, as they have an ‘all around’ great menu there.

This article first appeared in the November 5, 2002 issue of the Voyageur Press.